We Fight Harassment In Buyout Cases

Everyone has heard of this situation: Your landlord wants to offer you a buyout for your rent-stabilized apartment. Some tenants hope that one day they will receive a lucrative buyout offer. Others do not want to even consider the option.

In either circumstance, the tenant may face harassment from their landlord if they do not accept the first offer (or offers). It is important to understand that harassment is illegal and that you never have to accept a buyout if you do not want to. At Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP, we know how to fight back against tenant harassment. We protect the rights of rent-stabilized tenants throughout New York City. You can rely on our experience and tenacity in these cases. Our attorneys are on your side.

Don’t Let Them Push You Out

Landlords seek buyouts to remove tenants when they want to be able to charge higher rent. Perhaps they are trying to destabilize the building. Or, they may be demolishing the building to construct luxury units. Either way, they will make more money if they can convince you to move out.

Regardless of their reasons for the buyout, landlords are not allowed to harass you. Some common harassment techniques include:

We can protect your rights in these situations. We have fought for thousands of tenants, and we have seen every type of harassment. You can rely on our knowledge, experience and dedication to NYC tenants.

Now Is The Time To Act

To speak with a lawyer, please call 212-349-3000 or send us an email. Tenant buyout cases are usually taken on contingency fees so there is no risk or upfront cost to you. If your landlord offered you money initially and you want an experienced attorney to negotiate more, you are only charged for a portion of any additional recovery, not the initial money you received.

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