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J-51 Could Change Your Life

A landmark 2009 ruling in the New York Court of Appeals stated that landlords and developers of buildings that accepted J-51 tax benefits were subject to rent stabilization. Tens of thousands of apartments that had ostensibly been deregulated from rent stabilization were found to indeed be regulated after all.

The ruling shocked the New York real estate community. It meant that many “market” tenants with few rights were now entitled to lease renewals, caps on rent and rent refunds.

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Administered by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and the Department of Finance, the J-51 program encourages residential landlords to renovate their apartment buildings by offering them partial property tax exemptions and abatement benefits. In exchange for these benefits, they have to keep the apartments rent-stabilized.

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Our attorneys represent clients involved in litigation involving J-51 and similar tax-abatement programs, like 421-a and 421-g. If your building receives tax benefits or subsidies, you and your fellow tenants may be able avoid exorbitant rent increases, and arbitrary and retaliatory eviction.

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