Manhattan Tenant Eviction Rights Lawyer

We Fight New York Tenant Evictions

At the law firm of Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP, in New York City, we represent tenants in rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments, cooperatively shared and individual-owner condominiums who face eviction, rent increases, maintenance issues and other infringements of their tenants’ rights.

Our New York renters’ rights attorneys can assist you or your tenants’ group in getting eviction protection and in asserting tenant rights.

  • Evictions: The law provides eviction protections that your landlord may overlook, ignore or misrepresent to you. We can help you assert your eviction rights concerning subletting, assignment and occupancy issues. We can also represent you in eviction proceedings.
  • Rent increases: Landlords often try to increase rents in rent-stabilized buildings for certain major capital improvements (MCI), such as replacing a boiler. However, there are legal limits and the increases must be justified.
  • Maintenance issues: Building owners and managers have obligations to maintain their buildings. We can help ensure proper maintenance is done and that safety and habitability regulations are observed.

For more information, call our law firm in Manhattan at 212-349-3000.

“We don’t evict anyone. All of our practice is tenant-landlord and real estate.” – The attorneys of Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP

Holdover Protection | Manhattan Tenant Eviction Rights Attorney

Landlords terminate tenant leases for all sorts of reasons. A landlord may not want to renew the lease, but the tenant does not want to leave. If the tenant stays longer, they are “holding over” on their lease.

Our lawyers work to protect tenants in the process of being evicted and in holdover proceedings. We can advise you on what your rights are and can work to keep you in your residence.

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