Manhattan Rent Control Lawyer

Protection for Rent-Controlled Apartment Dwellers

For thousands of New Yorkers, rent control has played an irreplaceable role in their lives; without it, they would not be able to keep their houses, condos or apartments. But after decades, more and more developers are raising rents and justifying skyrocketing costs of living on rent stabilization. The result is less vibrant communities where those who are left face constant housing issues.

The Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP law firm in Manhattan has built its reputation on successfully representing tenant clients in New York City who are faced with losing their rent-controlled status for various reasons.

Whatever the reasons why you need representation, our skilled Manhattan rent control attorneys can assist you at 212-349-3000.

New York Rent Stabilization Attorney

We represent individual tenants and tenant groups who live in rent-stabilized and rent-controlled buildings concerning a variety of legal concerns including:

  • Evictions: The law provides eviction protections that your landlord may overlook, ignore or misrepresent to you. We can help you assert your rights against eviction.
  • Rent increases: Landlords often try to increase rents in rent-stabilized buildings for certain major capital improvements (MCI), such as replacing a boiler. However, there are legal limits, and the increases must be justified.
  • Maintenance issues: Building owners and managers have obligations to maintain their buildings. We can help ensure proper maintenance is done and that safety and habitability regulations are observed.

We also handle other Division of Housing and Community Renewal matters.

Why Would You Need an Attorney? | Free Group Consultations

A building may change hands, and the new owners may try to tell you that your apartment is no longer protected. They may try to evict you for trumped up reasons concerning noise, occupancy, maintenance, health status or lack of care for the apartment. They may also claim you owe money for maintenance they performed that is clearly their responsibility.

“Rarely do we work in unfamiliar territory. We know the boroughs, the neighborhoods, the buildings, the landlords and the landlords’ lawyers. When clients learn this, the tension leaves their faces. They think ‘I’m at the right place; they’ve dealt with these people before.'” It gives our clients peace of mind.” – The attorneys of Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP

Our law firm started in 1983 and has more than 241 combined years of experience in the field of tenant-landlord and real estate law. Few law firms have the experience we have in successfully representing thousands of New York City tenants in rent control and rent stabilization matters.

All of our attorneys have extensive trial and appellate experience, making us able to act on prudent and sound legal advice no matter what your real estate-related legal concern. For a consultation with an attorney, contact us online or at 212-349-3000.

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