Manhattan Co-op and Condo Conversion Lawyer

Advocating New York Tenant Rights in Building Conversions

When a developer, building owner or management company changes the use of a rental building to a co-op or condo, a conversion occurs. For this to happen legally, certain approvals and permits must be acquired from government agencies.

Tenant rights must always be observed in the case of conversions. If your building is being converted, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced New York conversion attorney who can work in your interest.

The Manhattan law firm of Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP is a leader in defending tenant rights in co-op and condo conversions. For more information, call us at 212-349-3000.

Cooperative and Condo Conversions Lawyers

The laws controlling cooperative and condominium conversions are complex. We represent clients who are involved in the conversion of their building from individual ownership to condominium ownership.

We represent individual clients and tenant groups involved in:

  • Apartment conversions: When a rental apartment building is converted from single ownership to a co-op or condo
  • Cooperative conversions: When a building is converted from single ownership to a co-op with tenants owning shares of the property
  • Condominium conversions: When a building is being converted from single ownership into a condominium in which individual tenants own individual units
  • Home conversions: When a home is divided into condominium units
  • Manufacturing or commercial conversions: When a building formerly used for manufacturing or commercial purposes is converted to multi-tenant residential use.

Resolving Condominium Conversion Disputes

“We are honest, analytical, careful and always prepared. We aren’t lawyers who scream and yell. We treat our clients and adversaries with respect and dignity in order to get the best results.” The attorneys of Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP

Hire us, and our experienced legal team will work to ensure your tenant rights are observed in the case of a conversion or in a conversion dispute with a building owner.

Our law firm is well known and respected among landlords, their lawyers, the media and the courts. For a consultation with one of our Manhattan co-op and condo conversion attorneys, contact us online or call 212-349-3000.

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