Manhattan Condominium Purchase and Sale Lawyer

Co-op, Condo or Home Real Estate Transactions

At the law firm of Himmelstein McConnell, Gribben & Joseph, in New York, New York, we assist clients in buying and selling condominiums, cooperative apartments, and private homes.

A good attorney can make an immense difference in the outcome of a real estate transaction. We can:

  • Advise you on legal processes
  • Help you find a broker
  • Draft or vet a sales contract and negotiate its terms
  • Represent you in ensuring all contracts and obligations are enforced
  • Handle your closing and post-closing issues

If you are buying or selling a major asset, you need an attorney who has deep experience in these matters. Our law firm employs a team of lawyers, all members of which have extensive experience in New York City real estate law.

For more information, call us at 212-349-3000.

New York Cooperative Purchase and Sale Attorneys

“We have a good reputation. We are thought of as a very respected private firm among our adversaries and among judges.” – The attorneys of Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP

The Manhattan law firm of Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP is focused on real estate litigation and transactions involving tenants and the organizations that represent them.

We are well known and respected among landlords, their lawyers, the media and the courts. For a consultation with a Manhattan condominium purchase and sale attorney, contact us online or call 212-349-3000.

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