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Strong legal response needed by threatened tenants

As this tenants' rights blog and myriad other information sources across New York City routinely note, bad-faith landlords -- both individual and large commercial real estate operators -- have many arrows in their figurative quiver when it comes to harassing and intimidating renters.

Contact a proven tenants' rights attorney if this happens to you

Isn't it a given that, if you are a New York City apartment dweller who always pays your rent on time and uniformly fulfills all your other duties relevant to the contracted-for bargain reached with your landlord, you should be able to live in peace?

Finding affordable apartments with the help of NYC Housing Connect

Renters looking for affordable housing in New York City know that it's a difficult task. People can spend years searching for an affordable place to live, especially if they confine their search to a particular neighborhood.

Is your landlord overcharging you?

No one expects to find a cheap apartment in New York City. It's a well-known fact that finding a place to live in the city can be expensive. Rent Jungle, a website that specializes in apartment information, tracks common rents in the area. According to their findings, the average rent within 10 miles of New York City proper is $3,208 as of October 2016.

New law restricts Airbnb's advertising in New York

It's a tradition for many to visit New York City during the holiday season to shop, see the parade or catch a show. While a decade ago that would have meant staying at a Midtown Hotel or somewhere in Greenwich Village, Airbnb, the home-sharing company, has transformed the NYC visit for many in recent years by putting out-of-town guests in the homes of strangers renting to them.

Bed bugs are still a problem in some apartments

That's the bad news. The good news, however, is that New York City now has laws protecting tenants from these infestations. The city's Housing and Maintenance Code requires landlords to eliminate bed bugs, and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development gives them a 30-day deadline.


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