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At Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP, we are among New York City’s largest tenant-side-only law firms. As a result, we can devote substantial resources to your case.

Chances are that our experienced lawyers have represented someone in your building or litigated against your landlord at some time in the past.

If we take your case to court, we’ve also likely appeared before the judge or hearing officer assigned to your case. We are featured regularly in the press and use that platform to advocate for our tenant clients.

For more information, call us in Manhattan at 212-349-3000 today.

Our Representation | New York Tenant Rights Attorney

We believe in preparation. We prepare our clients for court and lead them through each process of their case. We explain our clients’ legal circumstances and options in plain language. You need information to make a good decision. We place a very high priority on explaining matters to our clients.

“We work closely with tenant advocacy organizations and elected officials to promote the larger interests of the New York City tenant community. There are more than a million rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments in the city and hundreds of thousands of apartments under other forms of rent regulation. They represent a strong political force that we work strongly to benefit.” – The attorneys of Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP

Typically, the attorney who takes your case will remain the lead attorney until the case ends, unless you decide otherwise. He or she will represent you at your advocacy court and other appearances, and in any negotiations.

Our lawyers have represented tenants, co-op boards, condominium associations, individual shareholders, unit owners and home owners in these and many other landlord-tenant matters:

  • Major capital improvement (MCI) disputes involving New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR)
  • Tenant rent strikes
  • Mitchell-Lama buyouts
  • Housing part “HP” actions to sue landlords for repairs
  • Eviction proceedings against tenants, including breach of lease, non-primary residence, owner’s use, illegal alteration, pet law cases and nuisance cases
  • Rent overcharges
  • Hotel reclassifications
  • Reduction-of-service complaints
  • Luxury deregulation cases stripping rent protections from apartments
  • Cooperative and condominium conversions of residential rental properties
  • Disputes regarding purchases, sales and leases of commercial and residential properties
  • Construction defects in new condominium projects
  • Administrative agency proceedings
  • Mitchell-Lama and PHFL dissolutions
  • Loft Law litigation
  • Rental-owner conversions

Manhattan Tenant Rights and Representation Attorney | 212-349-3000

We can help you or your organization, whether you seek to make a condo purchase or a condo sale, a co-op purchase or a co-op sale.

To discuss your situation with one of New York’s finest landlord-tenant law and transactional firms, contact us online or by calling 212-349-3000. Group consultations are free.

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