Did You Receive A Notice To Cure? Speak With An Attorney.

Commercial tenants often need legal counsel for landlord-tenant matters. One common reason for this is problems with their lease. If there has been a breach of the lease – or if the landlord is claiming there’s a breach – you need an attorney immediately. Your lease and your business could be at stake.

Himmelstein McConnell Gribben & Joseph LLP represents commercial tenants in New York City. We understand the serious nature of notices to cure. Our lawyers act quickly in these cases because tenants have only 10 days to cure the breach or alleged breach before they can be served with a notice to terminate. Call our tenants’ rights law firm today at 212-349-3000 to schedule a consultation.

How A Yellowstone Injunction Can Provide Relief

Receiving a notice to cure means that your landlord wants to terminate your lease. They may claim you have not paid the rent, that you used the space for reasons not permitted by the lease, that you violated the certificate of occupancy and other alleged violations. Your defense must prove that you did not violate the terms of your lease. It is best to have a seasoned attorney representing you in this matter.

If you have a defense to the breach but need more time, you can petition the New York Supreme Court for a Yellowstone injunction. If the court grants the injunction, you will have time to attempt to cure the breach without the notice to cure expiring.

Don’t Risk Eviction

These cases are complex and require experienced counsel. We have represented numerous commercial tenants and know how to seek a Yellowstone injunction. We understand that your livelihood may be at risk. You can count on our attorneys for timely, knowledgeable representation.

Contact us at 212-349-3000 or by using our online form. There is no time to waste in these cases, so reach out to us today.

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