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The most common reason for eviction from rent-stabilized units

In a real estate market where the need for affordable housing is great and rents continue to rise, rent-stabilized apartments provide relief to many New York tenants. These apartments cut down on yearly rent hikes and provide increased eviction protections. However, a rent-stabilized tenant’s protection from eviction is not absolute, especially if tenants are not using the apartment as their primary residence.

'Need to know' information for New York renters

New York is unique. It can be dirty, but the 24/7 bustle of life can be invigorating. Demand for living space is high, making reasonable rents hard to come by. Even those who have lived in rented apartments or owned cooperatives for years face legal challenges as landlords seek to convert rent-regulated units into space for which they can charge higher market prices.

Can your NYC landlord oust you from your rent-stabilized dwelling?

Many readers of our tenants' rights blog across the New York City metro area might reasonably anticipate the answer to the above-posed headline query as being a resounding ... "maybe."

Bad Faith Landlord gets one year jail sentence to Rikers Island

The day of legal reckoning finally came last week for a big-time New York City landlord when, on Tuesday, a Manhattan judge sentenced the embattled businessman Steven Croman to a one-year jail term to be served on Rikers Island.


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