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The most common reason for eviction from rent-stabilized units

In a real estate market where the need for affordable housing is great and rents continue to rise, rent-stabilized apartments provide relief to many New York tenants. These apartments cut down on yearly rent hikes and provide increased eviction protections. However, a rent-stabilized tenant’s protection from eviction is not absolute, especially if tenants are not using the apartment as their primary residence.

Leyes sobre el pago del alquiler en Nueva York

Actualmente la ciudad de Nueva York tiene una población estimada de 8,5 millones de habitantes, de los cuales casi 2 millones de personas son de descendencia hispana. Muchos de ellos alquilan apartamentos y casas en varios suburbios alrededor de esta gran metrópolis.

What happens if your rent-stabilized building is sold?

If you are a renter with stabilized rent, the prospect of the building being sold to a new landlord can be unnerving. Rent stabilization is meant to protect renters, but that doesn't mean the new owners won't look for ways to skirt the rules.

Rising rents mean older renters need guarantors

There's no doubt New York is an expensive city. We've all heard of young renters working hard and struggling to make ends meet, but it turns out these struggles aren't limited to people in their 20s. It's becoming common for people in their 30s or 40s to need guarantors to sign a lease.

There's hope for commercial tenants served with notice to cure

Is your landlord threatening to terminate your commercial lease? You may be able to get a Yellowstone injunction to give you time to cure the alleged breach of the lease, or to defend the case without risking eviction if you lose.

Attention to legal detail protects apartment succession rights

Rent-stabilized, rent-controlled and Mitchell-Lama apartments are a valuable commodity in New York City. For many families, a unit may represent their greatest asset. State and city laws recognize that value by establishing rules that allow these residences to be transferred to others without the loss of rent protection or increasing the risk of eviction. But succession rights are not automatic. Protecting them requires understanding the laws, exercising care in following them and acting quickly after the original tenant vacates.


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