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New NYC housing report cites challenges, spotlights foreclosure

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2018 | Eviction Prevention |

In an urban metro as diverse and ever-changing as New York City, a deep-dive housing report is unquestionably going to be replete with compelling bits of data.

The key bullet points that emerge from a new housing analysis authored by the advocacy group Center for NYC Neighborhoods clearly underscore that. They reveal on a general level the multiple complexities that swirl around the city’s vast housing market, noting implicitly that the metro’s housing realities are flatly unparalleled elsewhere for their intriguing twists and turns.

And, from the perspective of a more detailed lens, they highlight specific challenges and opportunities germane to affordability. The presented data command clear relevance for the future look and feel of the city’s residential universe.

Here’s a point centrally illuminated in “Aftermath: Affordable Homeownership in New York City:” A decade following the crisis/debacle flowing from the so-called Great Recession’s financial and housing collapse, working-class city residents are working harder than ever to retain their piece of the housing pie. Researchers say that NYC homeowners are now “wealthier, older and whiter” than was the case 10 years ago.

That has obvious implications for diversity in the metro housing market. So too does the fact that a reported 50 percent-plus of homeowners now expend more than half of their monthly income on housing exactions.

Such an outlay leaves little emergency funding left to deal with an unexpected crisis such as a job loss or medical complication. That degree of financial pressure, notes one recent article spotlighting the aforementioned report, leaves legions of New Yorkers “just one major crisis away from potentially defaulting on their mortgage.”

Foreclosure is certainly a bona-fide concern for many city dwellers, as well as commercial entities. Their questions or concerns regarding the process or any other issues related to property challenges can be addressed to proven lawyers from an established metro law firm that solely represents the interests of NYC tenants.

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