Is real housing reform on the horizon in NYC?

The battle lines are drawn.

Or seemingly so, in the near wake of New York's recent state elections and regarding the potential for material housing adjustments to be made across the nation's largest metro. 

Concerning that subject matter, there has never been any question concerning which side the attorneys at Himmelstein, McConnell, Gribben, Donoghue & Joseph LLP are on in the enduring struggle between entrenched landlord interests and housing reform advocates. We note on our tenured Manhattan law firm's website that we are "among the few New York City law firms that represent only the interests of tenants, co-op shareholders and condo unit owners." 

Although housing reform always spells top-tier subject matter in New York City, the issue and attendant debate has never seemed more compelling and urgent than at present. Many media reports have recently pointed to the key importance of the just-concluded elections, signaling that changes positive to renters might issue if the state Senate came under Democratic control. 

That is precisely what ensued. One of the above-cited articles stresses that the just-realized material Senate flip equates to "a big win for tenants' rights advocates, who are now poised to deliver on long sought-after reforms."

Our next blog post will underscore in some detail what is centrally at stake and what diverse advocates for change hope will be adjusted pursuant to Senate-driven legislative changes.

Notable enthusiasm and a fingers-crossed attitude predominate among legions of tenants' rights advocates and organizations in Albany and the NYC metro. We will explain why in next week's entry.

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