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Take precautions if you have a loud dog in an apartment

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Rent Stabilization |

All dogs bark, but some are particularly yappy. While you may be used to it, your neighbors probably are not. You may think it’s fun to have “conversations” with your dog, but other tenants may not see it that way. If they complain to the landlord, you could be in trouble.

Renters in rent stabilized buildings may find themselves facing eviction if a noisy pet is causing problems. Tenants’ rights attorney Sam Himmelstein notes that this type of issue may provide your landlord with grounds to evict you–and those opportunities don’t come along every day in rent stabilized units.

People in market-rate apartments may also lose their apartment in this situation. In these cases, landlords can simply not renew the lease. This is quicker and easier than going through the eviction process.

What can you do if you have a loud pet?

  • Training a dog not to bark so much is a lengthy process, but it can work. Professional trainers can help–some even come to your apartment.
  • If the dog has separation anxiety, there are several options. Some vets will prescribe anti-anxiety medication, which may reduce the barking when you are gone. You can also work with the dog to reduce its anxiety.
  • Trying a thunder shirt may help some dogs feel more secure, which may reduce barking.
  • Think about your schedule. Do you leave the dog alone for excessive amounts of time? Is there any way to be at home a little more often?

Don’t ignore the problem and risk eviction

If you want to keep your apartment and reduce conflict with your neighbors and landlord, you need to address the barking right away. You can also consult with a tenants’ rights lawyer to learn more about your specific case.

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