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Notorious landlord facing eviction

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2017 | Tenants' Rights |

Raphael Toledano finds himself on the other side of a landlord-tenant dispute this month. He has been accused many times of evicting his tenants from units that are rent-stabilized, and now he is facing eviction from a building he claims is rent-stabilized.

Simon Baron Development, the landlord in this case, filed a housing court petition stating that Toledano’s three-month lease had ended. Toledano countered by claiming that he is “entitled to a rent-stabilized lease.” His argument primarily hinges on the claim that he received a 421a rider with his lease which specified the rent-stabilization requirements for the apartment.

While the building’s property tax records reveal that 18 of the units in the building are rent-stabilized, the apartment in question is not one of them.

How has Toledano treated his residents?

Claims made against Toledano by his tenants say that he “put them in danger and threatened them.” The allegations include issues such as:

· Harassing rent-stabilized tenants

· Refusing to renew some rent-stabilized tenants’ leases

· Buying out tenants but not paying them

· Violating tax abatement laws

· Violating rent regulation laws

· Failing to provide gas and water in some buildings

You can fight back if you are being harassed by your landlord

Tenants have rights. You do not have to endure harassment from your landlord. Low-income New York City residents who cannot afford a lawyer are entitled to free legal representation in housing court. You don’t have to live in fear of eviction; learn your rights today.

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