Protecting and ensuring NYC tenants' housing rights

If you are a New York City apartment tenant, condo unit owner or co-op shareholder of substantial tenure, you flat-out know that housing rules, regulations and processes relevant to municipal dwellers can be dauntingly complex.

And, as we note on our website at the long-established tenants' advocacy law firm of Himmelstein, McConnell, Gribben, Donoghue & Joseph LLP in Manhattan, "the system for protecting and ensuring [housing] rights is extraordinarily complicated."

Even a quick perusal of housing-related acronyms underscores that fact, with designations such as HPD, DHCR, NYCHA, NYCLB and HUD commonly coming to the fore in matters involving tenants' rights and challenges (readers wanting to take a closer look at what those short-hand designations mean when fully fleshed out can do so via this link leading to our web page on NYC real estate administrative proceedings).

Our attorneys have a collectively long and demonstrated history of client advocacy in housing matters before administrative agencies, as well as in court proceedings ruling on appeals in tenant-related matters.

The subject matter before any given administrative agency/board can range widely, from issues centered on eviction, capital improvements and rent decontrol to matters surrounding tenants' complaints, succession rights and rent stabilization.

And those are just representative samplings from a much broader universe.

In summary, New York laws and processes that affect tenants on critically important housing matters are anything but static, with many affected individuals and families feeling quickly overwhelmed by their density, overlap and sheer complexity.

It has long been a guiding principle at our tenured law firm to bring timely and aggressive advocacy to bear on behalf of clients who have an imminent and dire need for optimally effective legal representation.

We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to respond to any questions or concerns regarding housing matters in New York City.

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