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June 2016 Archives

HCR (DHCR) FOIL Procedures Updated

HCR (formerly known as DHCR) is the agency that has supervision over rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments. There are many proceedings that are handled by the HCR, including overcharge complaints, MCI applications, rent reduction applications, luxury deregulation petitions...

Notorious New York landlord is finally facing charges

Landlord Steve Croman is facing criminal and civil suits for charges that include mortgage fraud, grand larceny, tax fraud, failure to pay a settlement to tenants and tenant harassment. At a Manhattan Supreme Court hearing on June 21, 2016, a coalition of his tenants rallied outside the courthouse raising awareness of the harassment they have suffered.

Tenant's warranty of habitability: What exactly is that?

A warranty of habitability is assuredly a good thing for any New York City tenant with a lease. In nutshell terms, it is a protective legal tool safeguarding renters against landlord's failure to maintain an apartment in a habitable condition.

A window into ageism

When the owner of a building with rent-stabilized tenants does a major capital improvements (MCI) he can get rent increases after filing an application with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). MCI applications can be opposed by tenants and in many cases the rent increases can be avoided or decreased.

Demolition eviction: a new tactic for landlords to evict rent-stabilized tenants

If you occupy a rent-stabilized apartment, you understand the value of your property. Rents are high in New York, and your current rent may be the only affordable way for you to remain in your home and stay afloat financially.