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Small Start-Up Obtains “Yellowstone”, Avoids Eviction and is Thriving

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2014 | Eviction Prevention |

A small start-up company had just entered its lease for the office space in the Flatiron District. The Lease, especially the rent, was an essential part of the start-up company’s business plan.

Within weeks of the Lease the rental values in the Flatiron District skyrocketed. The start-up company’s rent was now below market. The owner’s new agent realized this and began to harass the company about its renovations to the office space.

Finally, in a determined effort to evict the start-up, the agent sent a Notice claiming several violations of the lease.

Soon after the Yellowstone injunction issue, the lawsuit was settled. The Landlord’s gave up on its eviction efforts, signed off on all the necessary permits to allow the start-up to complete its office renovations & agreed to a significant rent concession in favor of the tenant.

In part because of the legal work Ron did to protect the lease, the start-up is operating its business so successfully it has expanded its operations to offices in Chicago.

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