Major Cases

Appellate Cases

  • June 2019
    Kuzmich v. 50 Murray/West v. 90 West Street (421-g apartments not subject to deregulation)
    GVS Properties v. Vargas (App Div, First Dept.)(No rent is due to landlord where building has an invalid certificate of occupancy)
  • April 2019
    Tres Realty LLC v Ta-Wei Yu (Appellate Term, First Department 2019) (Landlord not entitled to summary judgment in succession holdover solely on basis of person claiming succession having an F-1 student visa)
  • December 2018
    Nolte vs. Bridgestone Associates (court upholds trial court decision that the landlord fraudulently deregulated the apartment, freezes rent, grants trebles damages, uses default formula to calculate rent and awards legal fees)

Lower Court Cases