Among the tenant associations we have represented are:

  • 165 West 91st Street Tenants Association
  • Axton Tenants Association (formerly New Amsterdam Tenants Association)
  • 275 Central Park West
  • 327 Central Park West
  • 360 Central Park West Tenants Association
  • Clermont J-51 Tenants (class action)
  • 12 East 72nd Street
  • 301 East 47th Street
  • 350 East 62nd Street J-51 Tenants (class action)
  • Embassy House Tenants Association
  • 43 Jane Street
  • Leader House
  • Lenox Terrace Association of Concerned Tenants
  • Lenox Terrace J-51 Tenants (class action)
  • London Terrace Tenants Association
  • London Terrace J-51 Tenants (class action)
  • McKinley Tenants Association (111-115 East 7th Street)
  • Park West Village
  • 100 Riverside Drive
  • 345 Riverside Drive
  • The Apthorp Tenants Association
  • The Bretton Hall Hotel
  • The Chelsea Hotel Tenants' Association
  • The 156 Prince Street Tenants Association
  • The 860 West End Avenue Tenants Association.
  • 514 West 110th Street
  • 305 West 45th Street
  • 225 West 86th Street (the "Belnord")
  • 173 West 78th Street J-51 Tenants (class action)
  • 251 West 92nd Street
  • 740 West End Avenue
  • 825 West End Avenue
  • 900 West End Avenue Tenants Association
  • Westgate Tenants Association

And numerous other groups in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. Among the cooperative boards we represent are:

  • Baydale Tenants Corporation
  • 84-49 Owners Corporation

We do not represent landlords or sponsors.

In addition, our firm works closely with major tenant organizations such as the New York State Tenant and Neighbors Coalition, and Metropolitan Council on Housing.

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