New York Residential and Commercial Tenant, Co-op Shareholder, and Condo Unit Owner Rights and Representation Lawyer

We Defend New York City Tenants, Co-op Shareholders and Condo Unit Owners

Many New York City law firms claim to represent tenants, and co-op shareholders, but devote substantial efforts representing landlords, and coop boards in eviction proceedings as well. Established in 1981, Himmelstein, McConnell, Gribben, Donoghue & Joseph LLP is among the few New York City law firms that represent only the interests of New York City tenants, co-op shareholders.

We advocate on behalf of individuals, families, tenant associations, cooperative shareholder groups, condominium associations and commercial tenants in disputes over evictions, rent increases, rental-owner conversions and other issues by providing:

  • Residential Tenant, co-op shareholder representation: We advocate for tenants and shareholders, and shareholders affected by evictions, in court and administrative agency proceedings, and have comprehensive skills and experience in the field of tenant-landlord law, including Rent Control and Rent Stabilization Laws, as well as Mitchell-Lama or Private Housing Finance Law.
  • Co-op shareholder and condo unit owner representation: We also represent tenant associations, shareholders and condo unit owners in rental-owner conversions of buildings and construction defects. We represent individual co-op shareholders and condo unit owners in disputes with co-op and condo boards over alterations, repair issues, voting rights.
  • Real Estate Transactions: We represent individuals in the purchase or sale of their coop, condo units, and real property. Each lawyer has a particular area of focus, so we can give you prudent and sound legal advice no matter what your real estate related problem is.
  • Commercial Tenant Representation: We represent businesses in lease, sublease, and assignment negotiations; defending breach of lease disputes; non-payment of rent; tax and additional rent escalation clauses; Yellowstone injunction; exercising option to renew.
  • Co-op and condo board representation: We can guide your board of managers or co-op board through various complex legal issues surrounding building management, including those involving the New York Condo Act.
  • Foreclosures representation: We assist residential and commercial clients who are fighting a foreclosure process.

Few law firms have the depth, breadth and length of experience we have in representing thousands of New York City tenants in a multitude of landlord-tenant disputes. For a consultation, call us in Manhattan at 212-349-3000.

To consult with a lawyer about protecting your tenant rights, contact us online or call today.

"Dear Sam: I want to thank you for all that you’ve accomplished for us, with kindness and a sense of humor. It has meant a lot to me to have you inform, guide and answer our sometimes anxious questions, keeping our security in mind always."

- Ellen

"Thanks to your firm's services I have enjoyed the privilege of a rent stabilized Apt. since 1997. So grateful for your help."

- John Slattery