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New York City Landlord-Tenant Law Blog

New York City Council approves right to counsel measure for eviction proceedings

Legal representation is critical for tenants involved in disputes with their landlords. Landlords are typically more or less sophisticated in their understanding of their rights under the law. It is their business to understand their rights and to exercise them to protect their interests. Tenants, on the other hand, often don’t begin to really understand their legal rights until something goes wrong and they are forced to take action to protect their interests.

Securing legal representation can make a significant difference in the outcome of landlord-tenant disputes. The ability to work with an attorney in these disputes is important enough that the New York City Council recently passed legislation that guarantees legal representation to low-income tenants facing eviction. This is the first measure of its kind nationwide. 

Notorious NYC landlord pleads guilty on felony counts

This is not our first blog post to spotlight New York City landlord Steven Croman, who many of our readers likely know something about, either from the persistently adverse press garnered by that individual and his residential management companies or from painful experiences they can personally relate.

Croman first came under our blog lens in a June 23 post from last year, in the wake of a long-tenured New York State Attorney General's office probe that resulted in a number of housing-related criminal and civil charges being filed against him.

Landlord-reviewing website garnering increased interest in NYC

A website focused upon landlords across the spectrum -- that is, a repository that tracks data for both those perceived to be the very best by renters to those who public opinion has found sorely wanting -- is gaining traction in New York City after its launch several years ago in Philadelphia.

Quirky New York City housing laws

For those who expect nothing but logic and reason in New York City housing law, we will today help dispel that notion with a walk on the quirky side. Familiarity with the rules that govern landlord-tenant relationships in the city might one day prove useful to you, so please read on.

Our very favorite in Curbed New York's list is from Multiple Dwelling Law § 51-b; NYC Admin. Code § 27-2042. If you don't know that one by heart, it can be summed up like so: Every self-service elevator in multiple dwellings must be equipped with a mirror. The requirement is apparently so that people who are about to enter elevators can tell with a glance if the elevator is occupied.

Residential property conversion: changed use common, complex

If you are a New York City resident with single ownership of a unit in an apartment building, might you have legitimate concerns in the event that your dwelling and those of your surrounding neighbors are converted to a condominium or co-op?

Alternatively, might you have questions and feel the need to take some sort of purposeful action if you receive notice from a building owner/manager that the cooperative you live in as a single owner is now slated for conversion into a co-op where the tenants own shares of the property? 

New York State AG proposal targets bad landlords

According to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the bar that tenants in rent-regulated units must clear to gain legal relief against the worst New York City landlords is inordinately high.