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New York City Landlord-Tenant Law Blog

Rent and eviction cases up in New York City

From January 2013 to June 2015, over 450,000 eviction cases were filed in New York City. Many of these evictions are linked to the ease with which landlords can get around rent stabilization laws, thanks to a 1994 law.

Since the law passed, apartment rents in the city drastically increased, making them unaffordable for many people, typically those who are older and less affluent. The law allows landlords to charge market rates when a rent stabilized rent increases to a certain amount (currently $2700/month) when tenants move out. This process is called vacancy decontrol.

Mayor DeBlasio is fighting back against illegal evictions

Every human being has the same basic needs. Food, clothing and shelter are among the most fundamental.

But, in New York City's often-brutal rental market, securing adequate shelter is harder than it needs to be. Landlords push illegal evictions on tenants, knowing their renters don't have the resources to challenge them. Mayor Bill DeBlasio's administration is working to put an end to this.

Finding affordable apartments with the help of NYC Housing Connect

Renters looking for affordable housing in New York City know that it's a difficult task. People can spend years searching for an affordable place to live, especially if they confine their search to a particular neighborhood.

The city provides some options to make the process easier, however. NYC Housing Connect is a website that helps renters find affordable apartments. The site is run by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and the Housing Development Corporation (HDC). The services it provides include:

  • Current and future affordable housing listings
  • Online application for affordable housing
  • Information about qualifying for affordable housing
  • Information about the lottery process